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MIndfulness Kids Enrichment Program

MIndfulness Kids Enrichment 2024 summer sessions at Van Antwerp Park.

We are excited to host children at the park this summer for skill building workshops, nature-based learning, SEL, sports and fitness (basketball, tennis, yoga etc.). Sessions at the park are at no cost to families. held on Monday and Wednesday 3:00p-6:00p starting July 1st thru Aug 14th.

art class
Reading at the park

Reading To Win all summer long!

During our weekly MKE sessions we will be distributing books to youth. Thanks to our partners 313 Reads.


All summer at the park we will hold reading sessions with a stuffie. So, bring your favorite stuffed animal friend or care for one of ours. 

Earn book bucks to win cool prizes for reading and tracking all the titles you read June 17th thru Aug 14th.

Registration is not required but suggested. Visit our calendar to sign up and receive email updates about weather cancelations or changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

 Van Antwerp Park is located behind Bates Academy. Meet us near the tennis courts.


To Bring out the best in the youth of this generation, we have planned the following for them.

  • After-school programs are one of the best ways to enhance and shape the qualities of young children. It benefits young children, contributing to their personal development, academic success, and overall well-being. They involve mentors for proper guidance in different fields of life and provide opportunities to learn about modern technology and arts. They help them to learn about social and emotional behaviors to improve their IQ and EQ. Physical activities included in such programs may help them to keep themselves athletic and fit. These programs promote an environment of friendship, community, social harmony, teamwork, leadership, etc.

  • Summer camps can be instrumental in personality grooming for kids and young adults. They give a unique and immersive experience that allows candidates to develop various aspects of their personality and character. Kids will feel independent while being away from their parents for some time, will try to adapt to new environments without the help of parents, and will develop resilience. Obstacles like homesickness will be overcome.

  • We help kids develop character by implementing programs and initiatives focusing on character education and creating a supportive and nurturing environment. We have set a curriculum for such character-building programs that will help them be good leaders when given the opportunity and be good advocates for themselves and others when needed.

  • Yoga and Meditation offer children valuable tools for personal growth and well-being. These practices enhance physical health, mental clarity, patience, empathy, and emotional resilience. Kids develop a strong foundation for character growth through improved flexibility, concentration, and emotional regulation. These practices teach children not only how to groom themselves physically but also how to cultivate inner strength and mental clarity.

  • Reading and engaging in nature-based learning can collectively enrich the lives of young children, offering them a broad approach to personal growth. Reading widens their horizons, nurturing their rational development while introducing them to various experiences and ideas. Nature-based learning provides hands-on experiences, fostering a deep connection to the environment and promoting physical well-being.

  • Field trips provide hands-on experiences, exposing them to diverse cultures, historical sites, and new perspectives. It helps them to focus on personal growth, shaping well-rounded individuals, an appreciation of nature, and a broader worldview.

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