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Our Programs

mental wellbeing

Offer a safe and supportive place for women who have experienced trauma, providing a sense of community and emotional healing. These gatherings, often facilitated by trained professionals, utilize mindfulness and trauma-informed care to help participants handle their emotions, build self-esteem, and develop resilience.

peer support
Peer Support

Is integral in mental health recovery, substance abuse rehabilitation, and various communities, as it relies on lived experience, trust, and understanding, ultimately aiding individuals in their journey toward improved well-being and resilience

expecting mothers
Doula Services

We offer services of well-experienced and qualified Doula for Women who face difficulties in handling the gestation period as the problems in this duration may cause severe and fatal issues for the mother and baby if they are not appropriately handled.

Yoga & Meditation

These two techniques are the core of the best methods to treat and handle emotional damage, mood swings, self-control, physical health, etc. We provide a soothing environment to practice these tools to improve your mental and physical health under the guidance of qualified mentors.

holistic services
Holistic Therapies

Are approaches to healing and well-being that consider the whole person, addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health. We will provide services like acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, herbal medicine, and many others to properly heal your inner and outer self. Do allow us to make you feel better through these kinds of services.

skill building
Skill Building

We Arrange Skill building sessions and workshops to help individuals acquire and enhance specific abilities, knowledge, and competencies. These workshops can cover various subjects and skills, from professional development and technical skills to personal growth and hobbies. They are conducted by our experts, who will guide you with utmost zeal so you will be shaped into the best version of yourself.

Self Love & Confidence Workshops

To succeed and live an ideal life, A person must have a healthy sense of self-worth, self-acceptance, and confidence. In our workshops, we focus on personal growth, emotional well-being, and building a positive self-image of oneself. Do join us if you have low self-esteem, confidence, or self-dissatisfaction.


We have structured our mentoring sessions, one-on-one or group meetings, so that a more experienced individual provides guidance, support, and knowledge to any children or youth on any topic or concept they want guidance on. This will help them gain success in the field they are trying to be expert in. We also provide mentors for each one separately.

mommy and me classes
Mommy & Me classes

This program is designed for mothers raising children or toddlers. Also known as caregiver-child classes, these are educational and social activities for mothers and their children. The primary concept of these classes is to create a supportive and engaging environment where parents or caregivers can bond with their children while enhancing qualities like parent-child interaction, social behavior, emotion handling, etc., during the child's development. Feel Free to join us to groom and be a better mother.

S.H.E dba L.U.F.E is excited to have a collaboration partner, Girlz Empowered. At Girlz Empowered, we are dedicated to empowering girls between the ages of 7 and 17 by providing peer support, trauma healing, and important social-emotional learning skills. Our engaging workshops and field trips are designed to create a safe and supportive community, where girls can explore and express their identities fully. Our organization also partners with some of the most established and respected organizations, ensuring that our girls are receiving the best of what is available.

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